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To develop and provide the better opportunities for getting scientific and quality education based on modern teaching methods and make it easily accessible to all segments Society. To provide teachers training facilities to English medium schools in order to overcome the shortage of trained teachers through its resource centre. To establish a Human Resource Centre in order to provide training to strengthen the marketing professional Skills in various sectors, especially Education, Health, Social Welfare, Community Development and Office Management etc. To organize such programs by making present education system more beneficial to the society. Also to enlighten the skilled / vocational / adult / technical educational programs alongwith present education, assistance / development / computer programs / English language courses which is an international language and is a base for higher education. To provide social education to the common people specially poor, orphans, needy by helping them in their every day social problems within their resources. To create support mechanism which facilitate and reallocate resources to benefit the poor. To bring about an improvement in the conditions and life of communities through capacity building advocacy and support for sustainable development activities. To facilitate local communities in management of environment resources while safeguarding total livelihood concerns. To make such social welfare Programs which would excite / raise up the feelings of public service on the principal of Islamic equality. Promote women solidarity and empowerment with effective participatory control. To encourage and collaborate with government and other development agencies in order to achieve the desired goals. Strengthen the leadership of grass root groups and individuals seeking local solutions to local problems. To improve in Health and Hygiene Sector especially women Health, family Planning, Reproductive Health, HIV / AIDS and the Hygiene areas like Sanitation and Potable Water etc,. To work in Planning Development, Research and data based surveys for various organizations. To create awareness in order to establish religions harmony among the populace through better education and necessary counseling with a view to do away with class system, and to create mutual harmony for the balanced society. To discourage the child labour and to organize and arrange special educational programs for them. Further, to create awareness in the masses against the forced labour. To make special arrangements to create political education and political awareness amongst the general public. To motivate / educate the people in social works / health, education and other re-creational tasks on the self-help basis. To struggle against the environmental pollution resulting from the transport and other trading centers / industries and designing special programs for achieving these objectives. To mitigate all such bodies / organizations working for the above stated objectives and encourage collaboration with Government and other development agencies. To struggle against the curse of drug addiction and to educate people about its dangerous effects plus supporting and seconding the steps taken of the governmental level and co-operating with them. To develop awareness in human rights, women rights, child rights and work to provide them social justice. To help in poverty eradication from the masses and develop various program of poverty eradication for poor communities.