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 Management Consultants

i) A Socio-economic survey was conducted for Planning and Development Department, Balochistan, Quetta.

ii) Financial consultancy and Supervision of accounting system provided to various Organizations for the period from 1987-88 to December, 1991.

iii) Feasibility reports for different projects prepared and got them sanctioned by IDBP for loan purposes.

iv) A monitoring and Evaluation exercise of financial control and budgetary planning was conducted in Sarela Cement, Quetta was carried out in 1990-91

v) Preparation  and  audit  of  Financial  Accounts  of  the  Small Industries,   Balochistan,   was   undertaken   in  collaboration  of M/s A.M. Quraishi Co, Chartered Accountants. In addition, a cost system was also developed for the department.