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  Good Governance

i)  The Legends Society has undertaken different programs of service delivered at different levels.

ii) Local Government system

a) Assisted Government of Balochistan development Plan-2000 with special reference to Balochistan.

b) Suggested new Rule of Business pertaining to working relations between District Government, TMA and Union Administration.

c) Training and Workshops conducted in revenue planning financial management citizen community Board, Report writing, Environmental challenges and City Management, Community development Civilization Courts and Local Government, Law and rules.

iii) Democratic Norms and Human rights activities.

iv) Legislatures:-

a) The Legends Society has established close contract with MPS’s, MNA’s Senators and other policy makers.

b) Impact of globalization on developing societies.

v) Media development

d) The Legends Society has conducted various campaigns for media representative local councilors political workers, human right activities fir creating political awareness.

e) The main focus is to highlight the development issues policy change and opinion building.

f) To organize talk shows on electronic media (TA/Radio).

g) Liaison with current affairs departments of Radio / TV, Press club and other media associations besides key anchor persons of different programs.

vi) Human rights

vii) Women empowerment

viii) Free Legal aid