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Scope Of Services:

1. Policy Research and Management Consultancy.

(a)   Policy & Research

(i)    Statistical Surveys and data collection.

(ii)   Simulation &  compilation of necessary data.

(iii)  System selection.

(iv)  Pilot project.

(v)   Report writing.

(vi)  Policy studies & Counseling.

(vii) Environmental Impact studies.

(viii) Pre-investment studies.

(ix)  Economic and technical feasibility studies.

(x)  Local Government System studies.

(b)       Management Consulties.

(i)  Socio-economic surveys and studies.

(ii) Financial studies etc.

(iii) Operational system studies.

(iv) Study on devolution plan and its impact.

(v)  Study of devolution plan with its implementation on gross roots level.

2. Community Development and Social Mobilization.

(i) Advocacy / counseling in Communities.

(ii) Formation of community organization/associations.

(iii) Implementation or construction of physical infrastructure.

(iv) Follow up with communities.

3. Information dissemination and Training

(i) Selection of knowledge.

(ii) Transfer of knowledge.

(iii) Professional skill enhancement.

(iv) General and local bodies’ election.

(v) Revenue and budgeting.

(vi) Information transmission.

4. Operations and Physical Infra Structures.

(i) Project implementation.

(ii) Construction of physical infrastructure.

(iii) Analysis and reporting.

5. Relief and Humanitarian Efforts.

(i) Encouraging high standards and the foster good fellowship among its members.

(ii) Assisting the social, educational health and welfare efforts of people

(iii) Making special appropriation for food, medicine and clothing in the events of war epidemics or natural disasters.

(iv) Establishing health, food and social service center wherever needed.

6. Good Governance, Human rights and Democratic Norms and good governance.

(i) Legislatures.

(ii) Service delivery program.

(iii) General and Local bodies election.

(iv) Strict watch on human rights abuses particularly women empowerment.

(v) Local government system in context with devolution plan.

(vi) Media watch and media development. 

(vii) Impact of globalization on developing societies.

(viii) Close contacts with policy makers MNAs / Senators / M PAs.

(ix) Close liaison with media personnel and opinion makers. 

7. Monitoring  and Evaluation.

(i) In terms of process i.e. on going process.

(ii) In terms of impact i.e. assessment process after completion of program.