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The Legends Society is a registered Non Government Organization maintains highest standard of integrity, transparency and accountability in governance and operation in keeping with the values and commitments to serve those in need.
The Legend Society is governed by the following bodies:

(1)   General body
(2)   Board of Directors/Governing body
(3)   Program Committee.


A General Body is comprises of all the regular and Honorary Members of the Society. General Body meeting is held once a year but can also be held on the written application ¼th of its members. General body elects the official members of Board of Directors. It also approves Annual Budget of the Society and authorizes Bard of Directors to constitute sub committees for accomplishment of certain objectives through program committee. The general body is headed by Chairman who is also the Chief executive Officer/President of the Society and all the activities of the society are under taken under his/her guidance.


The members of Board of Directors are elected by the General Body for the term of one year. Board of Director is responsible for all the affairs of the Society. It draws broad parameters for the Program Committee to accomplish desired targets within specified time and limits. It also monitors the activities of the Society on regular basis.


Program committee is constituted under the supervision of Board of Directors and headed by Team Leader or Program Manager. It lays down certain Para meters for implementation and operational methodologies in order to achieve the   desired activities in a stipulated time and cost.